Sermon in the stadium

“Love,” she proclaims, “is the only thing that has meaning.”

“Love is the only real substance in the universe. Everything else is illusion.

“The answer to the four most fundamental questions that humankind has always asked for ages is the same: love. You come from love. You are love. You are here to learn love. And you are going back to become one with love again. That’s the bottom line of all theologies. That’s the essence of ontology.

“When you go out to the world, always remember love.

“Recognize everyone as soul, as love, as love made soul.

“Love yourself, love the Creator, and love all life.

“Love the Creator through Its messengers, through your fellow men and through all Its creations.

“Be fast to love and slow to anger.

“When someone angers you, pause for a moment to examine your own faults. Be vigilant of the trap of self-righteousness.

“When someone praises you, thank him, but be vigilant of the trap of vanity

“When you are tempted by the world, be vigilant of your greed for money and lust for food, liquor and sex.

“Be vigilant at all time against the traps of the Devil, and practise moderation.

“When someone helps you, thank him, thank him for showing you how to love.

“When someone criticizes you, thank him, thank him for caring enough about you to help you improve.

“When someone offends you, don’t take offense. Say thank you, thank you for the opportunity to learn patience.

“ When you are tempted to react, ask these questions,

“Is it true?

“Is it necessary? “

“And is it kind?

“Stop reacting if you can’t say yes to all three questions.

“And if you can say yes to all three questions, then ask this,

“What would love do?

“If you are a Christian, what would Christ do?

“If you are a Buddhist, what would Sakyamuni do?

“If you are a Muslim, what would Mohammed do?

“No matter what religion you believe in, or not believe, ask, what would love do? What would love do??

“Then follow that inner voice. Follow your heart. Follow love.

“For Love transcends all differences and disagreements.

“Love is the force that sustains the universe and all life and all things.

“And love is what you really are.

“So I ask you to be yourself. Be your true Self. Be love