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Dating and Relationship Philosophy

The secret to finding your soul mate is not about learning the cleverest dating “techniques.” In fact, it’s not even about finding the right person. Rather, it’s about becoming the right person so that you can attract, receive and keep the right person. In other words, you must be in the ready state for love.

When you are ready, the right person appears automagically. If you keep meeting and/or marrying the wrong ones, or don’t meet anyone at all, then you are not ready for the right one. It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and get some help from a knowledgeable counsellor and dating coach.

There is a right one for everyone, regardless of your age, appearance and financial situation. In fact, there are many, among the billions of human beings on this planet, who could make a good partner with you. The problem is, how, and how soon, can you meet them? The right coach and counsellor makes that happen in an expedited manner.

If you have been unsuccessful over an extended period of time, it is due to one or more of a limited number of obstacles. As Rumi insightfully said, for any type of love, “your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” The role of the dating and relationship coach is to help you remove those barriers through coaching, counselling and therapy, build your confidence and self-worth, and multiply your magnetic power to attract the right one into your life.

A lack of dating skills and techniques is usually not the main problem. The real problem is often either long-held misconceptions or unresolved past issues that are psychological in nature. For dating coaching to be effective, the components of counselling and therapy are often necessary. Dating skills and techniques alone without the inner state of readiness are like sophisticated resumes of people who don’t have the core qualifications required for a job. They may get you the interview, but never the job.

Dating coaching is NOT match making. Dating coaching is about getting you ready and stay ready. If you are not ready, no amount of match making will help you. Match making can be useful only to those who are ready.