Counselling & Therapy


“Before Andi’s treatment I was lost, having lack of desire, no focus, a swinging emotional temper. After a few treatments and a lot of patience from Andi I shifted more fully in the present appreciating and becoming more aware of love and happiness. I am now more grateful for individual opinions and allowing them more freedom and now it’s easier to love other people and work as a team member. I now have more enthusiasm than I had before and find life much more enjoyable. Because of my increased focus I am more open to follow my own inner direction.

– EN

“I was “logically” clear about the benefits of dissolving my marriage. However, I felt pain, betrayal and low self esteem. The process was difficult. During the exercise my logic was still running… With the help of Andi’s support and explanation I suddenly got a breakthrough. I found/felt the benefits of each and every difficult moment. I’m so grateful for the process because it allowed me to realise how amazing and strong a person I am! Thank you Andi for helping me to find myself.”

– AC

“My mother gave me to a family at age 3. She abandoned me. Over the years I had done work on this issue. I had forgiven her but I did not feel a connection to her. During the workshop I began to feel a shift. Upon completion I can say unequivocally that I now feel my mother’s love.”

– LL