About Andi Shi

Andi Shi is a Toronto based Human Behavior Specialist and life section Columnist. He serves his communities and clients in a variety of capacities – as an inspiring Teacher, Speaker, Counsellor, Therapist, Coach and Consultant.

Born in China and trained in both China and North America, Mr. Shi is known for his unique combination of wisdom from the East and West. A dedicated researcher and explorer of the Truth and secrets of life for 25 years, he has been mentored by many of the greatest teachers on the planet in the areas of spiritual laws, psychology, human behaviour, healing, therapy, relationship dynamics, life success and life transformation. He has lifted countless people out of confusion, depression, trauma, anger, relationship problems, mental health problems, behavioural problems and so on and transformed their lives from stress to success. He has cracked the “code” of love and has been regarded as “Mr. Transformation” in coaching and counseling. His profound insights integrate science, philosophy and spirituality.

With a mission to raise consciousness, break bondages and transform lives, Mr. Shi works with people at all levels and in all areas of life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, vocational, financial, familial and social. He has a unique ability to help individuals completely and permanently resolve the most challenging issues in their lives and transform their stress to success in their career, health and relationships. He is a trusted advisor and a broad resource to people in all walks of life.

People who have heard him speaking and/or served by him in other capacities feel enlightened, inspired and empowered. His wisdom and love open hearts, expand minds and inspire purposeful actions.