Counselling & Therapy

Counselling & Thereapy Service Areas

Counselling and therapy services are available for a wide range of physical, emotional, psychological, behavioural, relationship, career and spiritual matters, including but not limited to

- Hurt, Trauma, Sexual & Physical Abuse, Bullying, Betrayal, Anger, Resentment

- Interpersonal Conflict, Stress, Disaster

- Abandonment, Loss of Parent, Children Hurt by Marriage Breakdown

- Loss, Retirement, Bereavement, Dumped by A Lover

- Shame, Guilt, Regret

- Low Self Esteem/Confidence, Infatuation, Rejection, Break-up

- Addictions

- Anxiety/Panic/ Phobias, Insomnia, Suicidal, Fear

- Depression, Postpartum Depression, PTSD, etc.

- Marriage and Family Problems, Midlife Crisis, Divorce

- Challenging Children/Students, Low Marks

- Workplace Challenges

- Career Choice and Lack of Direction

- Spiritual Struggles

- Physical Health Issues

- Serious Illnesses, AIDS, Fear of Death

- OTHER  life challenges