“I recently attended an evening workshop presented by Andi Shi. I too am a life coach and psychotherapist and teach principles similar to what Andi teaches and yet I was blown away by the amount of knowledge Andi possesses, how he presents his information and how tenacious he can be to help someone transform an obstacle they face. A friend of mine recently attended one of his full day workshops and he was able to help her release the pain and suffering she had been carrying for several months – all in just one day. Andi is a Powerful Coach and he can help you dissolve the issues you are challenged with too!”

Iris Benrubi – Success Coach

“Your talk touched me in a way that added the element of surprise and humour to take me deeper within the heart of myself and God and then raise me to another level. Like gentle wings your words opened up new horizons like doors to a room and I flew in merrily! It was a wonderful honour to hear you speak with integrity, a natural humility and grace.”

– MH

“Andi Shi recently gave a talk that literally changed my life. His humour and humility shone as he described personal stories that lifted not only my heart but the majority of those fortunate to hear his words. This was the very first time listening to Andi speak and since then I’ve given my recommendation for him to give many more. Everyone needs to hear Andi Shi!!”

– EH