Inflow and outflow

I don’t know about you. I get bored at the end of each vacation.

I can remember longing for school to begin after a long summer and wanting to go back to work after the Christmas holidays. I also remember the happiness and excitement on my first day back to school or work.

“It’s good to be back,” I would say.

As I grow older, I have come to appreciate the value of doing things. Indeed, doing is living. The day we completely stop doing things, life ends. In fact, any time we stop doing, we stop living, or at least stop living actively.

Herein lies one of the secrets of life, and of happiness, which is the law of inflow and outflow. A healthy life is a life of balance of inflow and outflow. Eating, reading and watching TV are forms of inflow. Doing is outflow. Without the outflow to balance the inflow, life stops flowing and becomes stagnant. The lack of balance in inflow and outflow leads to unbalanced emotions. And unbalanced emotions, such as fear, anger and depression, cause deteriorated health with all kinds of physiological manifestations.

Therefore, whenever you feel your life is stagnant or not as enjoyable as you want, get up and do something. Anything. Mop the floor, cut the grass, take a walk, go to a gym, or as many have done regularly, volunteer in a place where you find meaningful. Giving service to others is a wonderful way of outflow. It’s also one of the secrets of happiness and longevity.